Sensation estrena mundialmente “Welcome To The Pleasuredome”

El Sábado 5 de julio por la noche más de 40.000 aficionados a la música de baile de más de 75 países celebraron el estreno mundial del nuevo espectáculo Sensation  “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” en el Amsterdam ArenA. Tema extraordinaria de este año revela la última zona de diversión que activa todos los sentidos. La combinación de efectos especiales únicos, iluminación y pirotecnia que acompañaron al line up de DJs más conocidos para ofrecer una gira mundial sin precedentes.

A night of seduction
The show kicks off with an enormous hydraulic arch that rises up to an impressive 75 feet from the ground, making it the tallest Sensation decor ever. Hidden within the arch is a carousel shaped DJ-booth filled with large circus horses and 36 feet high pin up models that strike a sensual pose. Together with the immense lightshow, burlesque dancers, acrobats and exquisite special effects, an unforgettable adventure throughout the night is presented.
Dance floor unleashed
The show starts spectacularly with Sensation’s resident DJ Mr. White. After he opens the show and sets the mood, Chuckie takes over and lifts the crowd to a next level. Halfway throughout the night Nicky Romero enters the booth and shows once again why he is in the top 10 DJ ranking of the world. By now, every single person on the dance floor is unleashed as the eighteen-year-old rising superstar Martin Garrix takes over. The crowd roars as he plays the Sensation Anthem “Tremor” that he produced together with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, who hit the ground running as soon as they press play. The Australian twin sisters NERVO finish the night off in style with a solid closing set keeping everyone dancing until the very end.
The premiere exceeds the expectations of Duncan Stutterheim, CEO SFX Europe. “From the opening with the iconic Mr. White till the closing with Nervo, all DJs played uptempo. Together they released an unbelievable energy. Because of the way the show builds up and keeps delivering with these great artists and acts, the crowd stayed ecstatic all through the night. Watching a world cup game at Sensation was also a first, but very special experience, especially after extra time and penalty shoot out. You have no idea how much extra work we had to put in to pull that off, but it was more than worth it. What a party!”
Sensation donates 1340 amount of hours to 10,000 HOURS
In the road to Sensation’s big event, they contributed over 1340 hours to the 10,000 HOURS foundation. An initiative from ID&T that inspires young people to donate their free time and give something back to society. In the last few weeks, Sensation organized volunteer workdays in Amsterdam and St. Petersburg. Ambassador Nicky Romero launched a special DJ day where some of his fans and graffiti artist RoyalSteez cheered up a shelter home.
About Sensation
What started in 2000 with a one-time happening in the Amsterdam ArenA, quickly became an international phenomenon that touched down in over 30 countries worldwide, entertaining over 2 million visitors. Sensation never ceases to amaze with yearly themes that interact with the crowd and their all white dress code. The way they transform the biggest venues on the planet into picture perfect concepts earned them the “best event of the year” award in the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and Denmark among other countries. Sensation believes in the positive power of music and dance as a universal language to unite millions of people.

10,000 HOURS
The 10.000 HOURS foundation inspires young people worldwide to donate their free time and to do something good for another person. Together with festivals and DJs, 10.000 HOURS organizes volunteer workdays. Projects vary from renovating handicapped children’s playgrounds to lending a helping hand in elderly homes. Inspired by the positive vibes of dance festivals and their visitors, the idea to join forces and donate time to environmental- and social organizations that need it the most was founded in 2010.


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