SP102 Stereo Productions goes to Playa del Carmen

Stereo Productions goes to playa del Carmen: The BPM Release.
Stereo Productions starts off the new year with a BANG! This first release of the year comes out just in time for Stereo OnTour's first stop for 2013; The infamous BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This amazing festival has proven to be a new international hot spot for the electronic dance music industry. Like Ibiza in summer, Playa Del Carmen is THE destination for dj and clubbers in winter.

This release features 10 powerful tracks by some of the greatest producers in the industry. Rob Mirage, D-Fromation, Sergio Fernandez, Hollen, Zenbi, Rafa Barrios, UnoMas (MIA), Alex Poxada, Sage Armstron, Elias R, Victor Escobar and none other than Chus and Ceballos bringing us their smashing new monster colab with Marlon D, entitled "Partenza". With its perfect elements, clean, distinctive sounds, driving percs and banger bassline, this is one track that will make a mark for 2013!


01. Chus+Ceballos, Marlon D - Partenza! (Original Mix)
02. Rob Mirage - Keep On Truckin (Original Mix)
03. Rafa Barrios - Heolap (Original Mix)
04. Zenbi - Kick Back (Original Mix)
05. D-Formation, Tini Garcia - Come On (Original Mix)
06. Hollen - Funny Tribe (Original Mix)
07. Sergio Fernandez - Aborigines (Original Mix)
08. UnoMas (MIA) - The Real O.G (Original Mix)
09. Sage Armstron, Elias R, Victor Escobar - Rasta Riddem (Original Mix)
10. Alex Poxada - Lost In Heaven (Original Mix)

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